Steve Chase

Hi everyone. Welcome to My name is Steve and I have a passion for photography. I love everything about it. For as far back as I can remember... I always have.

Born in 1961 the entire decade was dominated by photography for me. Whether it was photoshoots/dark rooms/photo oils & canvas there was always a connection to photography. If you knew my father you knew two things very quickly. He was a lifetime Florida State Seminole fan (more on this in a bit). And he LOVED photography. He shot everything. And I mean everything! Life was a photo op for my Dad. What was cool is that he was a bit ahead of his time for his era, in that he loved experimenting with multiple exposures or composites before it was commonplace. He was quite artistic. He maintained a darkroom & developed his own prints. He often used Marshall photo oils to colorize his prints. He took me on wedding shoots and into the darkroom. He eventually worked his way up to shooting then Governor Claude Kirk's daughter's wedding. He was an artistic soul and loved sharing his passion with me. Thus began my love affair with photography.

Back in the days of film (for me 1979-1995) I was able to build a studio set in home with a darkroom. I shot with a Nikon FE2 and a Mamiya 645 medium format camera. Things were looking good before a life changing event sort of derailed my dream of becoming a "photographer". Making a long story short I ended up selling all of my equipment. Every piece. Even down to the dodging tools. For the next 14 years I barely even owned a camera. I had some point and shoots but that "dream" just sort of faded away. I let it go. I felt like my time with photography had run its course.

I was wrong. In 2009 I lucked into a job shooting FSU football for a website. This is where my "dream", my Father, & FSU football all converged to actually give me a second chance to explore my life-long and very deep passion. It is an opportunity I will not let slip by again.

My father was so happy for me getting the job with the website that he bought me a new camera. It was pretty entry level but I used it proudly my first year shooting games. I shot football, baseball, basketball... ANYTHING Florida State. My father couldn't get over the fact I was shooting the team. He was so proud. He loved talking about what I'd see or who did what on the team. He ended up being befriended by the great Greg Reid. He always said "Son, there is a reason for this", and to "make sure you take advantage of this opportunity". He critiqued my work and offered advice constantly. I treasure his last email to me. It was a plea for me to keep my head up and not to be discouraged. "There is a reason for this"...
I would give anything to hear just one more time a little advice from the old man on how to approach a particular circumstance. All I can do is put my head down and work. Work for what I believe in.

There is a reason this has been my dream throughout my life. Moving back to Tallahassee in 2005 and the subsequent events leading up to me getting back into photography are proof to me. I feel it is my destiny & I promise to work endlessly to see it fulfilled.

I'd like to have the opportunity to prove it to you.


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